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The 13th China(Beijing)International Food and Beverage Expo


Show Organizer (s): Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Event Date (s): April 7, 2012 .. April 9, 2012
Venue: China International Exhibition Center (1-7Halls)
Address: 6 East Beisanhuan Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,100028 P.R.China
No. of Exhibitors: 900 , History Record: 882(in 2010)
No. of Attendees: 90,000 , History Record: 78,000(in 2010)
Flor Size: 30,000 , History Record: 22,000(in 2010)
Phone: 86 - 10 - 85785006-629,8578500
Fax: 86 - 10 - 51413308

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: The 13th China Beijing International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo Date: Apr 7th - 9th, 2012 VenueChina International Exhibition Center (1-7Halls) Approved By: MINISTRY OF COMMERCE, PRC Sponsors: China International Communication Promotion Association for Medical and Health Care China Nutrition and Food Commission for the Aged China Health Care Nutrition Council Co-organizer: US International Health Products Association Organizer: Beijing Shibowei International Exhibition Co., Ltd Official site: www.jianbohui.com
General Information: The last Nutrition and Health Industry Expo attracted more than 800 exhibitors from 16 countries and regions and 67 exhibitors came from Taiwan. The exhibition area covered more than 25,000 ¡, breaking the record of the previous Nutrition and Health Fair. More than 27 embassies in China and leaders of “The Ministry of Health The Ministry of Agriculture The Ministry of Commerce Development Research Center of the State Council ”and 35,466 professional visitors from 27 countries have witnessed the unprecedented event together! This is the first time that the exhibition got the so many leaders’ attention. The force of the Domestic independent brand is the bright spot of this exhibition. Home brand and foreign brand splitting the hall and each of them shows the newest products. The sponsor has made a huge investment to enlarge the scale and improve the quality of the expo. We are striving to create a highly internationalized, professional expo in the world expo field. Shibowei Group has poured into ten years’ effort to create “China International Health Industries Expo” the first big Asia Expo. And in the coming ten years, Shibowei group will insist on the Philosophy and make The Big Asia Expo into The big World Expo. When we communicate with the exhibitors, most of them said we will attend the next expo and book the booth in advance. Now the exhibition booth booking is starting The 13th China International Nutrition and Health Industry Expo will be a top platform for international business promotion specializing in a collection of service : Channel construction, agent joint, brand promotion, application BBS. If you are the following suppliers, please order the booth. Special setting up area: Healthcare products direct selling enterprises area health products experience marketing display area. A: Nutrition and health food areaLife nourishment products, bee products, biscuits, baked food, nutrients, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, enriched food, dietary supplement, vitamins and minerals, invigorant, canned food, prebiotics and probiotics, dairy products, carbohydrate drinks and nutritious liquor; BHealthcare product areaNatural products, organic food, enhance immunity products, anti-aging products, cardiovascular disease, cancer prevention products, the products of liver and kidney function products, Marine biological products, reduce weight health care products, amino acids, BuXieJi, fatty acid, edible fiber, DHA/EPA products, new resources of food, etc. C: Healthcare drinks area: Healthcare drinks, healthcare juice, healthcare tea, healthcare liquor, functional water, coffee drinks and the relevant drinks; D:Hairdressing&body beautification products areaFunctional cosmetics, skin care cosmetics, natural cosmetics, herbal cosmetics, body shaping underwear, foot bath, foot treatment medical products, laser instruments, body beautifying instruments, hairdressing and body beautifying products, medical cosmetic scientific research institutions, hairdressing chains institutions. ESugar-free products areaFoods for Special Dietary,low-sugar beverage, milk powder, oatmeal, corn grains products, diabetes health food, etc. F: Diet therapy medicinal food products areaDietotherapy and medicinal food raw materials and related equipment, Chinese traditional medicine (chopped/traditional medicine etc) , Chinese medicine pills, national features drugs and traditional Chinese herbal medicine, material and extract etc. GHealthcare products packaging area: Medicine and healthcare production equipment and packing equipment, printing equipment, pharmaceutical packaging materials, etc.
Attendee Information: Resellers dealers purchasers
Exhibitor Information: Booth Distribution Principle: Paid first, served first