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2012 Southern China Auto Manufacturing Equipment & Engineering Technology Exhibition


Show Organizer (s): World Trade Expo Hong Kong Ltd
Event Date (s): May 30, 2012 .. June 1, 2012
Venue: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center
Address: GD Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
No. of Exhibitors: 120
No. of Attendees: 8,160
Flor Size: 12,000
Phone: 86 - 769 - 22388565
Fax: 86 - 769 - 22388575

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: Introduction During the period of "12th Five-Year", the Dongguan Municipal Government will focus on the development of the auto manufacturing industry, including dedicated special vehicles, passenger vehicles and electric vehicles manufacturing, as well as auto parts and accessories manufacturing. Dongguan will become a major domestic base for electric vehicles R&D and production, core components of electric vehicles, and electric vehicle services. Dongguan is adjacent to the three major Japanese car (Nissan \ Toyota \ Honda) plants in Guangdong. It is an important production base of auto parts and accessories in Southern China, which is more convenient for procurement and business promotion. AEET2012 will provide an excellent opportunity of commercial exhibition for the suppliers. The exhibition of AEET2012 will focus on the auto manufacturing technology and the whole industry chain. We are committed to provide a good opportunity for the enterprises to explore the market, evaluate advanced technologies and promote new products and technology, and help you meet with the most direct and effective potential customers. At the same time, we will continue to create valuable business opportunities for your business through exhibitions, conferences and promotional activities.
General Information: Range of Exhibits Bodywork Manufacturing Processes and Equipment (Four): Stamping Production Line Technology and Equipment; Bodywork Welding Production Line; Spraying Production Line; Auto Plant Assembly Line; Power Train Agile Flexible Transfer Line (AFTL); Key Technologies of High-precision Engine Agile Flexible Transfer Line; Energy-saving Automatic Transmission Manufacturing Equipment; Industrial Robot Technology and Outfit; Online Inspection and Quality Control Techniques; Auto Parts Manufacturing Technology and Equipment: Metal Cutting, Slicing, Grinding, Milling, Drilling, Machine Tools, Stamping, Forging, Bending Technology and Equipment; Laser Cutting, Marking Technology and Equipment; Coating Technology, Metal Processing Oil; Abrasives, Knife, Fixture and Related Products; Testing and Measurement Technology and Equipment; Auto Components Manufacturing Technology and Equipment: Precision Forging Production Lines and Manufacturing Cells of Components, Casting Production Line Technology and Equipment for Components Manufacturing, Metal Cutting Machine Tools Production Line and Manufacturing Cells for Components Manufacturing; Auto Design Technology, Engineering Technology, Auto Power Equipment, Auto Electronics, Auto Burglar Alarm Products, Auto Audio-visual Equipment, Automotive Beauty Products, Auto Interior Products, Auto Coatings, Auto Maintenance Technology and Equipment, etc.
Attendee Information: Free admission by professional visitors’ registration onsite
Exhibitor Information: Related to Auto Manufacturing Equipment & Engineering Technology