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Show Organizer (s): GEM INDONESIA
Event Date (s): May 9, 2012 .. May 12, 2012
Venue: Jakarta International Expo (JI-Expo)
Address: Kemayoran
No. of Exhibitors: 151
No. of Attendees: 4820
Flor Size: 7000
Phone: 62 - 21 - 54358118
Fax: 62 - 21 - 54358119

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: INACOATING 2012, held in conjunction with INAMARINE 2012 from 9 – 12 May 2012 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), Jakarta – Indonesia will put up bigger and better as the Indonesia's unparalled one-stop for Coating, Painting, Maritime, Port, until Logistics platform that can show the complete convergence of technology and products through value chain. INACOATING 2012 is supported by ASCOATINDO (Indonesia Coating Association) and many local and international associations to create more business cases and expand their operation in Region. INACOATING 2012 also aims to attract a diverse cross section of the industry to further boost its prospects. As the most influential coating and painting exhibition in Indonesia, INACOATING 2012 will continue to be the most important platform for buyers and decision makers in the key industries and to launch new products and/or introduce the advance technologies and emerge trends to Indonesia and regional market.
General Information: Paints and coatings play an important role in preserving, protecting, and beautifying the objects to which they are applied, and are integral to maintaning the appearance, functionality and longevity of many structures and products. Paints and Coatings represent some of the most inderrated and inderapreciated products and systems used in our society today, they are also under valued in the sense that their contribution to the end users decision to buy, exceeds the relative cost of a coated or painted surface. INACOATING is international specialized trade show for coating & painting manufacturers, safety and environment control advisors/equipment manufactures, electroplating, coating user industries, software providers and products in related industry. The resounding success of INACOATING 2011 Batam held along with INAMARINE 2011 Batam, attracted more than 151 exhibiting companies from 9 countries, 4820 visitors from 11 countries and occupied total area 7000 sqm gross, has futher proved as the leading for paint & coating trade show in Indonesia. INACOATING exhibitors also expressed a proven opportunity to boost sales and gain exposure as well as meeting with key decision makers and potential buyers
Attendee Information: 15000 profesional visitors
Exhibitor Information: 300 exhibitors