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IGATEX Pakistan 2012 – 7th International Textile & Garment Machinery, Equipment & Accessories Exhibition and Conference


Event Date (s): October 3, 2012 .. October 6, 2012
Venue: Expo Centre, Lahore, Pakistan
Address: 1-A Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan
No. of Exhibitors: 450
No. of Attendees: 45000
Flor Size: 20000
Phone: +92 - 21 - 35810637-39
Fax: +92 - 21 - 35810636

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: Pioneer and trendsetting exhibition in introducing Textile Machinery & Technology in Pakistan” One Source, Infinite Opportunities Having developed into one of the largest and well established garment and textile machinery and accessories exhibitions in South Asia, the 6th edition of IGATEX Pakistan will take place at Expo Centre Lahore from October 3 to 6, 2012. Located at the crossroads of Asia, Pakistan has become a focal point for Investors and has in recent years, gained recognition as an important market among other textile manufacturing countries of the region. Considered as one of the top 10 textile exporting countries of the world, Pakistan is the 4th largest producer of cotton yarn and cloth, and the 3rd largest player in Asia with a spinning capacity of 5% of total world production. It also ranks 2nd in the export of yarn, 3rd in the export of cloth and contributes 3% to the total textile trade of the world. IGATEX Pakistan 2012 would be a professionally enriching experience for textile machinery manufacturers, providing them an opportunity to directly market their equipment to quality buyers and decision makers in an exceeding competitive global business environment. The show will include working and stand alone demonstrations of various cutting edge industry tools and technology.
General Information: Pakistan , the world's fourth largest producer and the third largest consumer of cotton, has 7.6% of spinning capacity in the Asian region and 5% share of the cotton yarn produced globally. The synergy of quality cotton and latest textile technology has leveraged the successful development of local textile industry in Pakistan. The textile industry contributes over 50% to the country's total exports with textile exports worth US$7.21 billion and garment exports worth US$3.25 billion in 2008(Jan-Dec), thereby successfully maintaining its current export volume. Pakistan's textile industry contributes nearly 8.5% to GDP while employing 39% of the total manufacturing workforce. The industry is undertaking consistent efforts to manufacture high quality products to consolidate its position in the export markets.
Attendee Information: Accessories for Textile Machinery Air Conditioning Plants Apparel Machinery and Accessories Automatic Doffing, Piecing and Transport Systems Automation System, Machinery and Accessories Auxiliary Equipment Bleaching and Washing Machines Boilers CAD / CAM / CIM Systems Chemicals and Dyes Chemicals for Tanning Circular Knitting Machinery Cloth Processing Machinery and Accessories Computer Software Cordage and Rope Making Machinery Covering Machinery Creasing Machines Cutting and Laying Machines Double and Twisting Machinery for Filament Yarns Embroidery Machines Embroidery Threads Eye-let Machines Fabrics Fabrics Dyeing Machines and Apparatus Felting Needles Fastenings Equipment Felting Needles Finishing Machines Flat and Wrap Knitting Machinery Fusing Press / Fusing Machines Garment Accessories Heat Transfer Equipment Hooks and Eyes, Buttons, Rivets and Fasteners Hydraulic Clinking Machines Inspecting, Machinery and Folding Machinery Interlinings Ironing and Steaming Equipment Knives and Scissors Grinding Machines Knitwear Equipment & Machinery Labelling Machines Laundry Equipment & Accessories Leather Machinery & Accessories Looms Machinery for Web Formation Non-voters and Felting Machinery for the production of Manmade Filaments, Fibre and Filaments Treatment Over Searing Machines Packaging Equipment Pocket Welting Machines Pneumatic Equipment; Air-Conditioning Plants Preparatory Machinery for Worsted, Semi-worsted or Woollen Spinning Systems Quilting Machines Sealing Machines Sewing Machines - Industrial & Household Sewing Machine Attachments and Parts Sewing Machine Drive and Control System Sewing Machine Motors Sewing Threads and Needles Shoe Making Machinery & Accessories Skins, Fabrics Fiber, Leather and Synthetics Materials Skiving Machines Spinning Machinery and Accessories Spreading & Winding Machines Storage and Transport Equipment Printing Machinery Shedding Programming Devices Software for Design, Data Monitoring and Processing ( CAD / CAM / CIM ) Streaming Machinery Testing Equipment & Controls Tentering and Drying Machines Texturing, Bulking and Crimping Machinery Textile Screen Printing Machinery Transporting, Handling and Packing Equipment Tufting Machinery Unit Production System Water Extraction Machines Weaving Machinery and Accessories Winding and Reeling Machines Yarn Dyeing Machines and Apparatus Yarn Processing Machinery and Acessories Yarn steaming, Setting and Moistening Machinery
Exhibitor Information: Dealers of Garment & Textile Machinery & Accessories. Distributors & Agents of Garment & Textile Machinery & Accessories. Garment Manufacturers. Textile Manufacturers. Garment & Textile Machinery Importers & Exporters. Knitting Manufacturers. Laundry Operators & Drycleaners. Leather Goods Manufacturers. Shoe Manufacturers.