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2012 China (Shanghai) International Coatings Expo The 16th China International Coatings Show


Show Organizer (s): China National Coatings Industry Association Beijing TUBO International Exhibition Co.,LTD
Event Date (s): April 1, 2012 .. April 3, 2012
Venue: asdasdasdas asd asd
Address: Pudong's key economic development zone
No. of Exhibitors: 200
No. of Attendees: 19156
Flor Size: 20000
Phone: 86 - 10 - 67600791
Fax: 86 - 10 - 64827048

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: Within 15 years, CICE has become one of the most successful coating Expos in the industry( on the foundation of ASIA COAT), and It mainly focuses on coating products with a total coverage of the entire raw materials, coatings and painting industry chain. Under the objective to provide sustainable coating layer’s solutions for down- stream industry.CICE2011 has been successfully held in Beijing, China. 20000 square meters spaces were taken by 170 exhibitors, and attracted 19156 visits. In the foreseeable future, CICE shall keep such trend and standard, creating better business opportunities to the industry of China coatings.
General Information: CICE2012 will be hold in Shanghai, 4 sub-exhibitions including China architectural coating exhibition,China anti-corrosion coatings and anti-corrosion technology exhibition,China spraying coating technology exhibition, China coating raw materials and equipment exhibition,3 theme display areas including Wood coatings area,Traffic coatings area and Comprehensive area will also attract more visitors. More details,please click here www.coatshow.cn
Attendee Information: Chairman, Chief Executives, Managing Director, Marketing/Sales Managers, Technical Managers, Production Managers, R&D Directors /Managers, Buyers, Purchasing Managers, Works Managers, General and Plant Managers, Chemists, Formulators, Scientists and the other down-stream are the target visitors.
Exhibitor Information: Coating Raw Materials:Binders / Solvents / Pigments / Fillers / Additives Coatings:Architectural coatings/Wood coatings/Traffic coatings/Coil coatings/Automotive coatings/Anticorrosive coatings/Waterproofing coatings/Fireproofing coatings/UV-curing coatings/ Powder coatings/Bridge coatings/Other special & Environmental coatings Testing and Measuring Equipment :Mixers/Extruders, Kneaders/Conveying Systems/Quality Control and Laboratory Testing Equipment/Production and Process Control.etc Environmental Protection, Safety at Work and Services:Container Washing Equipment/Emission Treatment/Effluent Treatment/Solvent Recycling/ Software/Research & Development/Technical Information and Publication/E-Commerce/Media