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Show Organizer (s): FAREXPO Co.
Event Date (s): May 14, 2013 .. May 17, 2013
Venue: Saint-Petersburg
Address: 8 Gagarina pr., Park Pobedy, Peterburgsky SCC
No. of Exhibitors: 150
No. of Attendees: 8200
Flor Size: 17000
Phone: +7 - 812 - 7770407
Fax: +7 - 812 - 7770407

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: XVII INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIZED EXHIBITION OF NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY FOR GAS FACILITY IS A NEW IMPACT FOR THE INDUSTRY The exhibition will give you a unique chance to assess the level of gasification in Russia, to get acquainted with the achievements of Russian and foreign enterprises, modern systems of gas transportation, gas distribution systems, gas processing equipment , to establish contacts between developers, producers and consumers. ROS-GAZ-EXPO exhibition is widely recognized as a leading international event for the power heat engineering industry. ROS-GAZ-EXPO is UFI approved event. It gives an additional impact, which boosts internationalization of this trade fair, and provides an opportunity for Russian participants to find more business partners
General Information: Exhibition Profile GASIFICATION Gas-using equipment Systems of independent gasification Storage tanks of underground and aboveground placement Equipment for gas boiler-rooms Gas generators Cogeneration plants Pump and compressor stations Gas turbine engines Equipment for production, storage and use of alternative energy Welding equipment, welding materials OPERATION OF GAS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS Equipment for transportation of natural gas Equipment for automated transport and storage of natural gas Technologies, materials and equipment for corrosion protection of pipelines Valves for gas Labour protection, Security Systems and Fire safety equipment Overalls and personal protection devices Environmental protection, environmental monitoring Laboratory equipment and analytical instrumentation, mobile laboratories Mobile industrial and domestic buildings LIQUED AND COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS (LNG and CNG) Installations for liquefaction and regasification of liqued natural gas (LNG) Cryogenic plants Storage of LNG, LPG, CNG Refueling stations, tanks for LPG and CNG tanks for transportation and storage Transportation technologies ASSOCIATED PETROLEUM GAS Gas separation systems and technologies (membrane, adsorbtion, cryogenic) Gas treatment systems Compressor units Refining equipment for APG GAS ASSESSMENT Control instrumentation for gas industry DIAGNOSTICS Technical diagnostics of gas-mains and gas equipment GAS-ENGINE FUEL Designing and construction of gas filling stations LPG filling stations and equipment Equipment for gas filling stations Computer software, communication systems and pay for gas stations Mobile gas tank trucks Gas bottles Equipment and technique for using LNG and CNG as a fuel Alternative fuels in transport Systems and equipment for diagnostic of gas automobile facilities Equipment for centers for conversion of of vehicles for running on gas fuel
Attendee Information: http://www.en.farexpo.ru/gas/exhibition/about/
Exhibitor Information: http://www.en.farexpo.ru/gas/exhibition/about/