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PetExpo Romania


Show Organizer (s): ILPAN JR SRL
Event Date (s): May 31, 2013 .. June 2, 2013
Venue: Romexpo Exhibitions Center
Address: Bucharest, Marasti Blvd, nr. 65-67, PO Box 32-3
No. of Exhibitors: 50 , History Record: 60(in 2009)
No. of Attendees: 15000 , History Record: 12000(in 2011)
Flor Size: 2500 , History Record: 2500(in 2012)
Phone: +40 - 721 - 523504
Fax: +40 - 721 - 523504

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: Pet Expo is the highlight of the year for the Romanian pet industry. It is the only trade fair in the area of pet business for the emerging up-going Romanian market. Export managers, buyers and highly interested trade visitors will come to see at first hand the pioneering products of market leaders, top brands, innovative producers and cutting edge technologies.
General Information: Pet Expo Romania is a unique opportunity in Romania for companies in the pet market to showcase products and services and get in touch with a large number of potential partner companies and a huge number of target consumers. Pet Expo Romania is the cocentrated image of the pet products and services Romanian market and is the ideal spot to present the latest innovations, thus a very good ocasion for launching new products. PetExpo Romania illustrates the opportunities and threats of the market, the strenghts and weaknesses of the companies, but also the needs, desires and wants of the consumers. Pet Expo Romania is the meeting place of producers, import companies, distributors, service companies, prescriptors and consumers, thus a concentrated image of the pet market distribution chain, from the producer to the final consumer. With products and services for all types of pets (dogs, cats, aquariums, small animals), with companies showcasing shop fittings and business know-how, PetExpo is also an opportunity for entrepreneurs who wish to start a succesful business in the field.
Attendee Information: PetShops, Online stores, Distributors, Veterinaries, Vet clinics, Vet pharmacies, Pet grooming salons, Pet breeders, Pet hotels, Magazines Families, Pet owners, Pet wishers, Pet lovers, VIPs.
Exhibitor Information: Pet food, Supplements and nutritional products, Accessories and toys, Clothes, leashes and collars, Pet care products, Veterinary products and pet clinics, Pet houses and beds, Training equipment, Aquariums and exotic fish, Exotic birds, Reptiles and spiders, Rodents, Puppies and kitties, Animal rescue organizations.