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China International Aviation Food & Supplies Exhibition


Show Organizer (s): shanghai goldencommercial exhibition co., ltd
Event Date (s): May 5, 2013 .. May 7, 2013
Venue: INTEX Shanghai- China
Address: No.88 Loushanguan Road/No.77 Xingyi Road,
No. of Exhibitors: 230 , History Record: 180(in 2012)
No. of Attendees: 11000 , History Record: 9085(in 2012)
Flor Size: 6000 , History Record: 6000(in 2012)
Phone: 86 - ** - 13585771250
Fax: 86 - 21 - 31276864

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: Sponsor: The Civil Aviation Transport Association Airline The Civil Aviation Transport Association Airline Food Committee Organizer: Shanghai Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd
General Information: Airline food is the risen modern industry, gradually run to mature after decades exploration and practice. In recent years, the global airline catering market growth is 2%-3% and China's aviation food market growth is 5%-6%.The huge market potential attracts numerous global leading airline food catering enterprises that made the investment and attention in China. In 2008, China's aviation catering industry business income become the second around the world. According to the statistics and forecasts, the number of civil aviation passenger will keep double-digit growth in 2011, and the average annual growth will be 9.3% in 20 years. In 2010, the civil aviation passenger traffic volume completed 266 million. With the high speed development of civil aviation and improving airline food industrialization process, it will bring the huge demand space for China's aviation food industry development. The world's "Oriental Pearl" - Shanghai, is China's largest economic, cultural and financial center. Because the special status of an international metropolis has attracted international aviation giant attention.2010 world expo in Shanghai is successfully held, made air transport demand increased significantly and air transportation industry welcome a golden age of high growth in China. At the same time, the high speed development of air transportation industry creates a good objective conditions and historical opportunity for aviation food breakthrough. Major exhibits: Airline caterer raw materials, food, beverage, wine, dried fruit, food packing and packing utensils, food processing equipment, in-flight supplies, clean appliance; Catering, aviation food and ground food; Aviation service products and so on. Participants • Domestic and overseas airline • Domestic and overseas catering enterprises • Catering equipment and service providers • Catering food and beverage suppliers • Food processing, prepare and preservation of the solutions providers • Food packaging, inspection service providers • Food freezing and heating system/equipment operators • Catering management consulting company • Tableware and ceramics manufacturer • Clean/cleaning equipment suppliers • In-flight kitchen design company and kitchen equipment manufacturers • Food material handling solutions providers • Fence monitoring and transport system suppliers • Store content wearing and storage equipment manufacturers • Waste management equipment suppliers • Trolley/plate suppliers • The cabin decoration, textiles, linen suppliers
Attendee Information: lili.zhao10@gmail.com
Exhibitor Information: lili.zhao10@gmail.com