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Show Organizer (s): Pyramids Fair Group
Event Date (s): March 3, 2011 .. March 6, 2011
Venue: Erbil International Fair ground
Address: Erbil – Iraq
No. of Exhibitors: 500 , History Record: 325(in 2010)
No. of Attendees: 71.000 , History Record: 80.000(in 1999)
Flor Size: 8000
Phone: 0090 - 212 - 230 44 01
Fax: 0090 - 212 - 230 44 06

Industry Focus:
Products and Services Focus:
Summary: Erbil Building Trade Solo Exhibition will be organized in Iraq/Erbil on 3rd -6th March of 2011 in Sami Abdulrahman Park Exhibition Centre…
General Information: Erbil Build’11 Press Release Erbil Build’11: The Biggest Construction Event Of Iraq Erbil Building Trade Solo Exhibition will be organized in Iraq/Erbil on 3rd -6th March of 2011 in Sami Abdulrahman Park Exhibition Centre…Erbil is ready to host building and construction industry professionals in this essential event with its growing market and 8 million populations. Erbil Building Trade Solo Exhibition is the greatest event of its own industry in whole region and it will be a meeting point for visitors, trade visitors and international industry members from all over the world. It is expecting more than 300 exhibitors and 150,000 visitors from variety countries.Iraq is in need of a full range of infrastructure related products, services and systems, including hospital equipments and supplies, security products, road and rail machinery, oil production equipment and finance and telecom systems. Work on hundreds of major projects worth $43.5 billion -pledged by the interim Iraqi government with funds from Iraq's own oil revenues- is moving ahead. The amount of investment required for reconstruction of Iraq is estimated $500 billion, Iraq Deputy Prime Minister Rafea Al Issawi told a conference in Sharjah in June 2009. Construction industry players keep an eye on Iraq's huge reconstruction process and the billions of business dollars that is generating will be able to display their products at the Erbil Trade Solo 2010 Exhibition. It will highlight the vast scale of reconstruction needs in Iraq: power facilities and electrical grids have to be restored, oil and gas supplies nurtured, airports, roads and schools rebuilt. Be a Part of Iraq’s Economic Growth! Iraq has the world’s second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia. Erbil benefits from a strategic location along trade routes between Sulaimaniya, Duhok and Kirkuk. Erbil’s strategic location gives any business the best exposure. It is gateway to Northern Iraq. The comparative security; it enjoys compared to other part of Iraq, making it attractive logistical hub for international companies. Erbil, the booming capital of Kurdistan, represents THE SAFEST PLACE. According to the list of licensed investment projects by the Investment Law, projects over the past year valued at $11 billion began all over the region, 85% of which are only in Erbil Province. With over 105 private sector investment projects worth over $16 billion in Erbil, Sulaimaniya and Duhok, opportunities are abounding for everyone. Attractive investment opportunities in Building & Construction sector A young and increasingly prosperous population of nearly 8 million . A stable security situation. Cansu TASKIRAN International Sales Representative cansu@pyramidsfair.com int@pyramidsfair.com Phone : 0090 (0) 212 230 44 01- 141 Fax :0090 (0) 212 230 44 06 GSM :0090 (0) 506 537 42 23 Address: Halaskargazi Cad. Kadri 0_ Merkezi 364/4 Sisli / Istanbul Turkey
Attendee Information: Architects, Investors and managers of tourist facilities, Contractors, Construction companies, Engineers, Importers and distributors of building materials.
Exhibitor Information: Airport equipment, anticorrosion products, architectural finishes, asphalt machinery, bathrooms, consulting services, construction tools and equipment, doors & windows, earth moving equipment, false, air conditioning, alarm systems, cables and wiring, electrical equipment, electrical supplies, power generation, indoor and outdoor lighting, heating systems, refrigeration, security equipment.